In current society birth is been deprived of the physical, spiritual and energetic respect it deserves. The way our babies enter the world has profound implications on the wellbeing of parents, babies and our planet.

Birth has the potential to heal, strengthen and empower. Yet so many women emerge from their experience feeling confused, unsupported and depressed due to an inherently damaging system.

The effects of this experience can flow through families and communities and contribute to the generational trauma we all carry.

By honouring the power of birth and celebrating this sacred passage, together we can heal the world.

You were led here by your desire for something deeper. You seek a more connected, holistic guide to assist you through this transformational time. We believe knowledge is power and through working together we can assist you to expand your knowledge and confidence and fully OWN you experience.

Together we prepare for YOUR journey and curate an individualised, holistic approach to accompany you into parenthood. We support you to claim YOUR power, which is undermined through system centric maternity care.

If our vision aligns with yours, we would love to connect and help to individualise your journey.
We believe every birthing person has the ability to own their experience and achieve a positive birth.
Together lets change the world.