Knowledge is power, and it is our intent to share evidence-based resources to support you to confidently own your power. You are the expert of your body and your baby, and being informed helps you take ownership of your experience. We see you as an individual and work with you to create a personalised approach to address your needs. Each of our sessions is followed up with an email of resources based on our discussion for you to refer back to at any time.

Together, we address the emotional and spiritual aspects of your journey which will have positive effects on your pregnancy, birth and parenting. We will work together to avoid commonly accepted pregnancy complications and complaints which affect the health and wellbeing of you and your baby.

We combine our interests in health and wellbeing with skills to support you on a spiritual and energetic level. We all store both conscious and unconscious emotion in our bodies. This can manifest into physical aliments, problems with conception, pregnancy complications, malposition of babies and other common issues during birth which we can work to avoid. Correcting these issues during pregnancy is essential to promoting a positive birthing experience and break the cycle of generational trauma. We believe in the power of holistic midwifery to promote success in your pregnancy and provide resources to continue ongoing healing which you can utilise in other aspects of your life.

What we can help you with:

  • Birth/Midwifery- Not currently offering any pregnancy or birth support due to travelling. Watch this space to see where I land and offerings will start again.
  • Birth planning and preparation- What to expect during labour and how to prepare for it, evidence-based information, avoiding unnecessary intervention, creating your birth plan, how to prepare for labour, tools to manage labour and how to have a positive birth experience. One-off and session packages available, dependent on your needs. Four part group sessions coming in 2021.
  • One off support sessions- For non-clinical support preconception, during pregnancy or post birth. When you don’t feel heard or supported by your current care provider and are seeking additional knowledge and care. These session are offered via zoom or face to face.
  • Postpartum massage and Bungkung belly binding- Birth is a full body work out, release your muscles and racing mind post birth. Warm Ayurvedic oil massage, rebozo muscle release and traditional belly binding to support your postpartum recover. Read more on my blog post here.
  • Closing the bones- Traditional Mexican inspired postpartum ceremony to honour the transformative journey you have gone through during pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Utilising rebozos to release, jiggle and wrap your body, leaving you in a meditative state.
  • Breastfeeding- Pregnancy preparation to enhance breastfeeding success & post-birth support. Soon to come, private health insurance reimbursement if lactation consultations are supported by your health fund.
  • Internal pelvic release work- Our pelvis is a volt of stored emotions and experiences. These can negatively manifest into our daily patterning, cause physical and emotional tension, be the cause of imbalance and discomfort. Being held to explore, locate, release and work through this tension and emotions can literally create more space. Create more space in your life to move forward and make more space in your pelvis for the birth of your baby.
  • Breath work- Our bodies hold the emotions of our past experiences on a physical level. Through releasing this energy in a safe and supported space, you are doing the important work prior to the birth of your baby. Assisting in breaking the cycle of generational trauma and release fear prior to conception and birth.
  • Midwifery Mentoring- Wanting to become a midwife, doula or birth worker and not sure what it all entails? Need more inspiration on how to reach your career potential. Assistance with constructing your resume and graduate application process $75AUD.

We choose to work with carefully selected brands, who share similar philosophies. We only promote products that are trusted to us, are beneficial for you. The brands we choose to work with are small business and have yours and our Earths best interest at heart.
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Pregnancy and post birth are as unique as you are. Please send an enquiry so we can discuss how best to support you.