Knowledge is power, and it is our intention to share evidence-based knowledge to support you to confidently own your power. You are the expert of your body and your baby, and being informed helps you take ownership of your experience. We see you as an individual and work with you to create a personalised approach to address your needs.

We combine our interests in health and wellbeing with skills to support holistically; spiritually, energetically and physically. We all store both conscious and unconscious emotion in our bodies. This can manifest into physical aliments, problems with conception, pregnancy complications, mal-position of babies and other common issues during birth and postpartum which we can support you to avoid. We believe in the power of traditional midwifery, as well as alternative health supporting knowledge to promote wellness. We provide resources to continue ongoing healing, that you can utilise in all aspects of your life and parenting. As experienced birth keepers, we want to share the skills we have acquired among our birth worker community. Are you an emerging midwife, doula or seasoned birth keeper looking to expand on your practice and knowledge? We have support to offer you too.

  • Midwifery and pregnancy support- Global online support, offered as a continuity journey from any point in pregnancy or one-off support sessions. Ideal for women who have engaged with the maternity system and feel they are not getting the individualised support that they need. Or for women taking sovereignty in their pregnancy and birthing journeys and want non-judgmental information and support.
    We address the emotional, spiritual and knowledge gaining needs of your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey. We share knowledge to help you avoid commonly accepted pregnancy complications and complaints which affect the health and wellbeing of you and your baby. We work to support you in your journey of fully trusting in your ability to make the right decisions for you, your birth and your baby.
  • Birth planning and preparation- Online support and face to face in regions of Austria. What to expect during labour and how to prepare for it, evidence-based information, avoiding unnecessary intervention, how to prepare for labour and postpartum, tools to work with labour and how to have a positive birth experience. One-off sessions and packages available, dependent on your needs. Online course in the works. Stay updated by joining our Mighty Network.
  • Massage, body work and Bungkung belly binding- Birth is a full body work out. Our sessions help you to release your muscles and racing mind post birth. We utilise warm herbal Ayurvedic oil massage, pelvic balancing and rebozo body work and traditional bengkung belly binding to support your postpartum recover. We feel if you have had a baby or carried a pregnancy at any time in your life, for any duration, your body is postpartum and deserving of nourishing care. These sessions also carry amazing benefit for women with reproductive and cycle challenges such as PCOS, endometriosis and on their conception journeys. Read the story of how we came to carry this skill and knowledge on our blog post here. Currently being provided in Melbourne, Australia and regions of Austria.
  • Postpartum Closing Ceremony- Traditional Mexican inspired postpartum ceremony to honour the transformative journey you have gone through during pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Utilising our skill in pelvic balancing body work and rebozos to release, jiggle and wrap your body and leaving you in a meditative state. This ceremony is commonly done around 6 weeks post birth (end of the fourth trimester), however we feel that once you’ve birthed you are always postpartum. We have had profound experiences with women many months and even years after birth. We also see and honour the importance of ceremony for women who have experienced an early birth, loss of a baby, pregnancy termination, reproductive surgery or to honour the many forms of life-death-rebirth transitions in our lives as women. Currently provided in Melbourne, Australia and regions of Austria.

  • Breastfeeding- Meeting your breastfeeding intentions is substantially more likely to occur with the right knowledge and support. We provide pregnancy knowledge sharing and preparation to enhance breastfeeding success, as well as post-birth support. Australian private health rebates available.
  • Internal pelvic release work- Our pelvis is a volt of stored emotions and experiences. These can negatively manifest into our daily patterning, cause physical and emotional tension, be the cause of imbalance and discomfort. Being held to explore, locate, release and work through this tension and emotions can literally create more space. Create more space in your life to move forward and make more space in your pelvis for the birth of your baby. These sessions are beneficial for women with any pelvic imbalances, to support reproductive health issues and to prepare for birth and can be performed at any stage of pregnancy. Due to the intimate nature of these sessions, a free initial phone consultation is performed prior to booking. Currently offered in Melbourne, Australia and regions of Austria.
  • Postpartum support- The beautiful, tender, raw time after you’ve had your baby is our passion and speciality. Postpartum planning and support can often be even more important than the birth. Without our villages and family close by, women and their partners are expected to do it alone. We’re not supposed to do it alone! We nourish and nurture women to support them to thrive in their postpartum. Because ultimately looking after the mother looks after the baby. We can provide nutritional support, body work, breastfeeding support and practical help around the home and with other children, knowledge on supplemental supporting and avoiding postnatal depletion. Online and face to face practical support in Austria and Melbourne available.
  • Breath work- Our bodies hold the emotions of our past experiences on a physical level. Through releasing this energy in a safe and supported space, you are doing the important work prior to the birth of your baby or to help you process a difficult birth or postpartum experience. Breath work assists in breaking the cycle of generational trauma and releases fear prior to conception and birth. Online sessions available and face to face in regions of Austria.
  • Nutritional and supplement recommendations- Our nutritional stores are one of the biggest contributors to the health and well being of our bodies and babies during pre-conception, pregnancy and through to postpartum. There is very minimal emphasis and knowledge shared surrounding food, optimal nutrition and supplemental support in mainstream maternity care. What you put in your body has the ability to help or hinder your entire journey and we ant to help you thrive. We offering online knowledge sharing sessions, as well as personalised recommendations on the supplements best suited for you.
  • Birth worker Mentoring- Wanting to become a midwife, doula or birth worker and not sure what it all entails? Need more inspiration on how to reach your career potential. Wanting to start your own business but feeling overwhelmed? We have have built a community and mentoring program to support you through everything you need to know to start a business and become a knowledgable, wholistic birth worker. Check out our community over on our Mighty Network.

Your mothering and birth worker journeys are as unique as you are. Please send an enquiry so we can discuss how best to support you.