Home Birth ~ Currently at capacity for 2023

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Are you one of the many women who:
~Feel like you’re in and out clinical appointments are not allowing you enough time to ask the questions you need
~That your emotional needs and journey as an individual aren’t being honoured
~Live in an area or have been labeled too high risk to access midwifery care
~Are choosing to birth outside the system but still wanting guidance on your terms
~Intuitively know that the information being presented to you isn’t all of your options and are seeking external, non-biased information
~Feel that the medicalised approach to pregnancy, birth and postpartum doesn’t align with what you are wishing to achieve
~You’re looking for a way to get your partner more involved and prepared for birth and postpartum

Connect with us and lets Co-Create the Pregnancy Journey you deserve.

Our time together can look like:

Nutrition and lifestyle guidance
Discussing pregnancy related discomfort or health concerns
Preparing your mind, body and soul for birth and parenting
Working through past birth trauma
Birth and care options
Breastfeeding education and support
Planning for a blissful postpartum
Guidance for body work
How to incorporate connection, ritual and ceremony into your pregnancy, birth and postpartum Relationship support
Preparing your birth support team
Knowing your options so you can make fully informed decisions
Birth planning and support writing a birth plan

What’s included:

~Follow up email after every session with any resources which
were discussed
~Email contact throughout our time together
~Individualised prescription for supplements based on your blood results and lifestyle needs
~Access to a library of pregnancy, birth and newborn resources and pregnancy community in our Mighty Network
~Discount code to watch the documentary Birth Time
~10% discount on our courses and our Womb Alchemist products
~Inclusion of a selection of pregnancy, birth and parenting related ebooks
~Discount code for Rachel Reed’s Childbirth Physiology course
~Discount codes for a selection of pregnancy and postpartum

Journey Options:
Guidance ~ 3 sessions $680
Expansion ~ 6 sessions $1230
Full Immersion ~ 10 sessions $1860
Once off ~ $280

Spaces are limited per “Due” month. Secure your space with the links above.

Women’s experiences of Sarah’s Co-create Pregnancy Journey guidance: