You have the ability to support women in the way you envision.

How do I know this?

Because this is what I do. I chose to create a business that serves me and the women I support.
You can too.

I have been disillusioned and heart broken with how women are treated during the sacred ritual of birth and motherhood. I didn’t want to be complicit in disrespectful treatment of women. I no longer wanted to experience vicarious trauma.
I’ve was burnt out working out of my alignment with my philosophy.
So I travelled the world to learn the skills and knowledge that would give me the confidence to do things differently.
And I am here to share that wisdom with you.

Are you a midwife, doula or birth keeper ready to expand your knowledge and confidence with providing holistic pregnancy, birth and postpartum care to women.

Self Discovery: A 12 week supported transformation to own your business potential!
Sacred Journey: Up grade your journey, with access to one on one sessions for an intimate experience.

~Sacred journey currently in progress~

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You receive:
~Unlimited, self paced access to a resource platform full of information from traditional and alternative midwifery practices and postpartum care, what you need to know to create your passion into a business, the truth about maternity system in Australia, exploring your own stories and intentions that brought you to this work, nutrition, trauma, body work practices and informed decision making.
~A number of “Guidebooks” on topics from setting your business intentions, working through your money blocks, working with plants, supporting for your cycle and how to perform body work practices
~Unlimited email access support for the duration of the journey.
~6x 90min recorded video calls, an opportunity to share knowledge and gain support from your new community. We learn so much through stories and from women in birth. Babies welcome.
~Unwavering encouragement from me! Your new biggest supporter.

If it is not the time for you right now to commit to a full 12 week journey, we can offer you once off guidance.
1hr online session
3hr in person sessions (availability coming soon)
Or join our upcoming event in NSW, Postpartum Practice Circle