You have the ability to support women in the way you envision.

How do I know this?

Because this is what I do. I chose to create a business that serves me and the women I support.
You can too.

I have been disillusioned and heart broken with how women are treated during the sacred ritual of birth and motherhood.
I’ve worked in a way that felt out of alignment with my life path and my body.
I’ve been overwhelmed and feared the prospect of taking full responsibility for building my own business.
Sovereignty is our power as we traverse a time of uncertainty. There is no reason to delay taking ownership of your life.

It’s time to turn your skills and passion into a thriving Birth Worker business.
It’s time to connect with your Inner POWER and share your magic with women.

Self Discovery: A 12 week supported transformation to own your business potential!
Sacred Journey: Up grade your journey, with access to one on one sessions for an intimate experience.

Our next sacred container is opening in August ’22
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“She is an endless vault of invaluable knowledge and experiences. As we journeyed together in an intimate group of like-minded women for 12 weeks Sarah managed to alchemize the experience to our exact needs. As an introvert, I pushed my comfort. But was guided to safety each time and held by Sarah and the other women. It was a love-filled and nourishing experience grounded in ritual. To be able to sit as strangers and then feel so much love and support.” ~Krista