Bella. Birth and postpartum doula from Melbourne. She is a home birthed baby herself, who has always had a deep trust in birth as a normal physiological process, a rite of passage and a sacred journey for the mother and baby. She works deeply with the body/mind and womb space to support women of all ages in finding their inner knowing to traverse the rites of passage and thresholds in life with grace. She wields through her work the dismantling of the paradigms and conditioning that say that women are less powerful and magic than they actually are and she celebrates the re-learning and remembering of this holy Truth.

Bella is available to serve women and families in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Online mentoring for all women
Pregnancy and preparation support
Home/free birth attendance
Full and extended postpartum packages including massage, belly binding and closing ceremony.
Early birth doula-ing (abortion, miscarriage) pre and post.