Sarah. Womb Alchemist. Dreamer and birther of Down to Birth Midwifery. Gypsy soul. Birth keeper. Space holder. Wellness promoter. Midwife. Internationally certified lactation consultant. Passionate advocate for women, birth and breastfeeding.

Since 2013 Sarah has immersed herself into everything pregnancy, birthing, nutrition, wellness and healing. She holds an unwavering trust in our abilities to grow, birth and nurture our babes. With the belief that knowledge is power, she is a passionate sharer of stories and information.

Sarah’s gypsy soul has taken her around the world. Her interest in birth has lead her to learn both modern and traditional practices from the countries she’s explored. She has experienced birth in Australia, India, Cambodia, Austria, Vanuatu and Guatemala and incorporates these experiences into her practice.
She has created a holistic lifestyle for herself and this emanates in her care and support. Through nutrition, exercise, body work, breath work, self-healing and energetic practices, she has successfully improved her health and wellbeing and actualised many achievements in her fulfilling career. She believes in the power of these positive lifestyle changes and incorporates these tools in the support she provides.


Australian Medicare Endorsed Midwife
Masters of Midwifery as Primary Healthcare (Griffith University)
Bachelor of Midwifery (Australian Catholic University)
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Active Mama’s pregnancy workout instructor


Mayan abdominal massage
Spinning Babies
The Thompson Method
When Survivors Give Birth
Creative Ways for Making Space: Pelvic workshop
Releasing the Pelvis: Myosacral workshop
Microbirth School:
-The Infant Microbiome and Epigenetics
-Group B Strep
Antenatal Educator Training: Da La Luze holistic Midwifery school Spain